Objectives: The major aim to cultivate ethical and skilled professionals dedicated to Chinese socialist values and economics, who understand the basic theories and methods of modern economic management, can undertake modern enterprise management, and are able to work at grass-roots and mid-level management positions in enterprises, administrative organs and other institutions.

Basic Courses: Western Economics (undergraduate), Fundamentals of Management, Introduction to Accounting, Science of Organisational Behavior, Principles of Statistics, Finance, and Fundamentals of Economic Law

Professional-training Courses: Marketing, Strategic Management of Enterprises, Human-resources Management, Information Management for Enterprises, Financial Management, Introduction to E-commerce, Introduction to Companies, Introduction to Circulation, Small-business Management, Cost Management, Individual and Team Management, Resource and Operations Management, Production and Operations Management, and Management Case Analysis

Forms of Study and Graduation Requirements

This major requires 4 years of schooling, with student status valid for 8 years, and a minimum length of study of 5 years. It is flexible, combining online and face-to-face instruction, and theory with practice.

It has 8 course modules and offers both junior college and undergraduate degrees, with 78 credits required for the former and 140 for the latter. Students who have met one of these requirements, as well as the minimum credits for each module, will be allowed to graduate after passing the examinations.

Graduates can apply for Bachelor of Management degree in accordance with the OUC’s trial rules for bachelor-degree conferral after passing the examinations.

Employment Orientation

This major is inclusive and adaptable, and its graduates enjoy a wide range of job opportunities across all fields, including in economic-management or management departments of industries at all levels; small and medium-sized industrial and commercial enterprises; and various types of consulting services and financial institutions.

Suitable work includes grass-roots management positions that cover operations, marketing, human-resources management, logistics management, business administration, and other types of work.