I. Objectives

Under the guidance of “Xi Jinping Thought with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era”, and in order to foster virtue through education, the aim of this major is to train socialist builders healthy in body and mind and desiring to promote physical activities and public health, as well as to develop in an all-round way in terms of morality, intelligence, physical education, aesthetics, and labour education. The major will offer a basic understanding of the theories and methods related to movement-based social activities, become familiar with the guidelines and regulations that apply to these, and learn to guide and organise group-fitness activities in communities and organisations.

II. Specialised Curriculum

The compulsory courses of this major include Introduction to Mass Sports, Introduction to Community Sports, Sports Sociology, Sports Economics, Sports-club Management, Health Assessment and Sports Prescriptions, Sports Anatomy, Sports Physiology, Sports Health Care, Management Principles, Sports Management, and Sports Marketing. Its elective courses include Methods of Sports-science Research, Sports-injury Protection and Rehabilitation, Physical-fitness Evaluation, Sports Psychology, Sports Nutrition, and Sporting Competitions. There are also extended electives in a variety of categories: 1. General Theoretical Courses, such as Social Psychology, Marketing Psychology, Sports Facilities and Management, Physical-education Curricula, and Teaching Theory; 2. Sports Technology Courses, such as Dance, Track and Field, Basketball, Volleyball, Football, Badminton, Table Tennis, Gymnastics, Yoga, Swimming and Lifesaving, Taekwondo, Basics of Outdoor Sports, Tai Chi, and Health Preservation; and 3. Fitness Courses, such as Fitness Coaching, Gym-based Aerobic Training, Gym-based Resistance Training, Health Promotion, and Weight Control.

III. Teaching Team and Resources

Experts from institutions such as Peking University, Beijing Sport University, the Capital University of Physical Education and Sports, and Chengdu Sports University specialising in sports training, rehabilitation and health, chess, smart gymnastics, dance, and other fields are employed to undertake consultation and reviews, and give lectures, related to curriculum and resource construction.

The specialised academic courses make use of excellent textbooks in the field of group activities. Live courses, expert lectures, and mobility-enabled online courses are also available.