I. Training objectives

This major aims to train students in specialised skills with well developed moral, intellectual and physical traits, who love the socialist motherland, and can adapt to the needs of the development of a socialist market economy. They are expected to have good political awareness, a noble character, cultural literacy, and professional ethics, with a good foundation in art theory, basic painting skills, animation software, and basic animation-production. They should be able to help produce animations for film and television productions, games, digital media, and advertising. The major also aims to enhance the specialised practical skills and cultural literacy of students, as well as their capacity for innovation, while teaching correct values, big-picture thinking, and a sense of social responsibility. Finally, it aims to enable them to adapt to the new requirements of the era, and contribute to the construction of a modern socialist country.

II. Requirements

  1. Duration of studies: This major requires 2 years, with 8 of part-time studies permitted, and atleast 2.5 years.
  2. Type of education: open
  3. Total credit hours and credits: 1,404 class hours and 78 credits
  4. Other requirements

Overall quality: This major aims to cultivate students who believe in and support the Party's leadership, love the country, seek to serve the people wholeheartedly, abide by the law, and be personally and professionally moral.

Professional and skills development:

It aims to teach the basics of ideology, culture and political science, including the principles of Marxism and Xi Jinping “Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era”, along with art theory and basic painting, common animation software and design, basic animation-production skills, independent entrepreneurship, adaptability, and the animation industry as a whole.

III. Main courses

1. Curricular modules

There are eight course modules in this major: Ideological and Political Courses, Public Basic Courses, Specialised Basic Courses, Professional Core Courses, General Courses, Specialised / Professional-extension Courses, Comprehensive-practice Courses, and Public English Courses.

Specialised basic courses

The lowest number of credits covered in the examinations of the OUC headquarters for this module is 19 units, and the lowest number set for the module is 40 units.

1) Unified compulsory courses: Introduction to Animation, Animation-oriented Film Language, Computer-image Processing, Colors, and Sketching.

2) Elective courses: Fundamentals of Multimedia-application Technology, Composition, Foundations of Visual Design, Digital Colors, Sketching, Fundamentals of Patterns, and Thematic-illustration Design.

2. Professional core courses

The lowest number of credits covered in the examinations of the OUC headquarters for this module is 19 units, and the lowest number set for the module is 40 units.

Unified compulsory courses: Flash-animation Production, Animated-scene Drawing, Animation Post Production and Synthesis, Principles of Animated Movement, and Foundations of Animation Modeling.

Elective courses: Computer Graphic Design (1 & 2), Animated-scene Drawing (1 & 2), Animation Post Production and Synthesis, Animation Technique (1 & 2), Animation Dubbing and Sound Effects, Animation-work Analysis, Applications of 2D Animation Software, Fundamentals of Computer-based 3D Modeling, Fundamentals of Computer-based 3D Modeling (1 & 2), Comics-drawing Techniques, and Fundamentals of Movie and TV Animated-short-film Production.