I.Training objectives

The major aims to train students capable of participating morally, intellectually, physically, aesthetically and through their labour in the construction of a socialist country; to give them varied and practical management skills which they wield with integrity, allow them to meet modern requirements, teach them the basic theories and methods of administration and general management, and give them skills relevant to organisation, planning, coordination, communication, and execution.

II. Requirements

  1. Duration of studies: This major requires 2 years, with 8 of part-time studies permitted, and at least 2.5 years.
  2. Type of education: open
  3. Total credit hours and credits: 1,404 class hours and 78 credits
  4. Other requirements

Educational: This major requires students to master the basics of history, culture and administration (including theory), and to become familiar with real-world modern-day administration.

Skills development: The major requires students to gain investigation, expression, communication, coordination, self-management, self-discipline and auxiliary-management skills; to learn to process information, solve problems, engage in self-directed study, seek self-improvement, adapt to career changes, as well as to skillfully operate computers and other modern office equipment, and become competent in general administrative work.

Overall quality: Students will be taught to love the country, believe in and support the leadership of the Communist Party of China, master the theory of socialism with Chinese characteristics, establish a correct outlook on living and values, and be patriotic, honest, friendly and law-abiding. They must strongly support the rule of law, be public-spirited, feel social responsibility, and have a positive attitude toward life, while also gaining strong professional skills and mastering the thinking and research methods of the major. Finally, they should possess good cultural and scientific literacy and be healthy in body and mind.

III. Main courses

Specialised basic courses

Public Administration, Principles of Political Science, and Fundamentals of Management.

Professional core courses

Office Management, Individual and Team Management, Supervision, Social-investigation Studies and Methods, Administrative Organisation, and Practical Writing (in Chinese).