1. Training objectives

Administrative Management mainly teaches policy-making, organisation management, and management of Party and government organs. Its main objective is to train practice-oriented management professionals with multiple competencies who can adapt to the needs of modern society, have mastered the theories and methods of systematic administrative and general management, and can plan, coordinate, communicate and execute within organisations. It also aims to instill public spirit and a sense of responsibility toward the socialist motherland, and develop students in an all-round way in terms of moral, intellectual, physical, aesthetic and work education.

2. Requirements

Duration of studies: 5 years, with student status valid for 8.

Type of education: open

Total credit hours and credits: 2,520 credit hours and 140 credits.

Other requirements

In terms of education, graduates of this major are required to have mastered a basic grasp of history and culture and a certain level of competence in at least one foreign language. They should have mastered the basics of Administrative Management and be familiar with current administrative-management practices and directions of reform in China.

In terms of skills development, graduates are expected to be able to communicate and cooperate well, use information technology, solve problems, engage in self-directed studies, seek self-improvement, and adapt to career changes. They are expected to be capable of self-management and self-discipline and have solid skills in terms of investigation and expression, to be skillful with computers and other modern office equipment, and competent in general administrative work.

In terms of overall quality, students are required to uphold the leadership of the Communist Party of China, love the country, and master the theory of socialism with Chinese characteristics. They must allow themselves to be guiding toward a correct outlook in terms of living and values, to act with honesty, friendliness, and respect for the law; to be public-spirited and positive in their attitude, as well as ethical and professionally competent. They should master the thinking and research processes of the major, possess scientific literacy, and be healthy in mind and body.

III. Major courses

1. Specialised basic courses

Public Administration, Principles of Political Science, Social Investigation and Research Methods, Introduction to Public Policy, Government Economics, Western Administrative Theory, Administrative Organisation, Theory and Practice of Modern Management, Public Organisational Behavior, Human-resource Management in the Public Sector, the Contemporary Chinese Political System, and Constitution and Administrative Law.

2.Specialised Courses

Office Management, Individual and Team Management, Practical Writing, Urban Management, Administrative Leadership, Human-resource-management Practices, Foundations of E-government, and Administrative Ethics.