Lecturer in the Faculty of Humanities. In 2018, she graduated from the Chinese Language and Literature department of Fudan University with a doctorate in literature.

Research directions:

Modern Chinese-language teaching, distance education, experimental phonetics, and second-language-phonetics acquisition.

Professional certifications:

National Mandarin Test level 1-B (94.3 points); TEFL; college-teacher qualification; high-school Chinese-teacher qualification; Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language (TCFL).


Modern Chinese (I and II), Concise Modern Chinese, Special Topics in Modern Chinese, Interpersonal Communication, Verbal Communication.

Other responsibilities:

Member, National Institute of Modern Chinese-teaching Research


She helped in the compilation of Modern Chinese (Open University of China Press, compiled by Guo Longsheng), Introduction to Open Education for Teachers, and other textbooks. She was also the main lecturer of Hebei Radio and TV University’s Modern Chinese course, Shanghai Open University’s Spoken Language for Teachers course, and Xinjiang Radio and TV University’s Introduction to Linguistics micro-course. She has participated in many international and domestic academic conferences related to linguistics and distance education, and published many papers on modern Chinese, experimental phonetics, and second-language-phonetics acquisition.