OUC "My Learning Story" Speech Contest

Editor's note: The finals of the OUC's "My Learning Story" speech contest concluded recently. This competition was launched in August of 2017, and lasted for eight months. It was designed to enhance public awareness of the OUC, demonstrate the talents of its students, and help realise its ideal of providing learning opportunities anywhere and at any time. The students participating in the competition included the young, the elderly, and the physically disabled; people from all walks of life, including urban industrial workers, farmers, and police officers. Each selected his or her own approach to telling how they have been learning, of the feelings of belonging and achievement the OUC has allowed them to experience, and their happiness at being able to work toward realising their dreams. We have published some of the prize-winning speeches in order to share their stories with readers.

News release about the "My Learning Story" speech contest

First Prize Speeches

Second Prize Speeches

Third Prize Speeches