A series of study-tour "Landscape Appreciation" activities organised by the University for Older Adults of the Open University of China (OUC) kicked off on 25 August 2021. Its enthusiastic participants, students in the university’s Colored Ink class, visited Yuyuantan Park in Beijing to paint.

The students arrived for assembly at 9:30 am with their drawing boards and paints, and under the guidance of Ms. Wang Dandan began looking for subjects.

All of them experienced such joy! We were there to take pictures as they worked on their scenes. Have a look!

As the students were drawing, Ms. Wang circulated to provide guidance, and other visitors gathered to watch and give praise.

During their immersion in nature, the students all finished their work, and were left looking forward to the next meeting.

As autumn approaches, the OUC University for Older Adults will continue to organise such tours. We look forward to having you join us!


By OUC University for Older Adults