Do a good job by starting from small things and routine tasks. In recent years, the Jinchang branch of Gansu Radio and Television University (Gansu RTVU) has continued to transform its educational philosophy and put all its effort into establishing “Five Heartfelt Services,” so as to enhance educational quality and improve enrolment.

Do not forget the original intention and maintain the philosophy of development as an RTVU. In the face of the new situation and tasks at hand, the Jinchang branch kept in mind its original intentions as an RTVU, accurately defined its social functions, established a developing concept of big education and big training, and adhered to the field of enrolment in open education. It has always focused on the characteristics of being an RTVU, given priority to enrolling students that have graduated from RTVU open education, and prioritised opportunities for students to study in open education, which have provided a guarantee for open education enrolment in the RTVU.

Enhance cohesion, gather strength, and establish a good image. As the only higher education college in Jinchang City, the Jinchang branch has actively sought recognition of its work from governmental departments and consistently reported its work to the Education Bureau and other high level authorities so that more leaders could understand the work of the RTVU and support its development. During the enrolment period, it published an article introducing the development of the Jinchang branch in Jinchang Daily, which enhanced the university’s image and increased its popularity and credibility. Enrolment was publicised through the radio, television, Internet, and mobile platforms, which garnered wide media coverage.

Offer detailed services and improve quality. Based on improving teaching quality and perfecting the "one university, one brand, one station, one characteristic" teaching model, the Jinchang branch innovated its process management to enhance enrolment competitiveness. In 2016, according to the requirement for more online core courses and pilot courses from the provincial-level RTVU, and the proportion of formative examination courses and general pilot online courses increasing from 77 to 108, the branch university compiled new materials for the open education learning process, which was not only convenient for students, but also won recognition and praise from students at the same time.

Offer considerate care and student-oriented services. In the face of the reality of difficult enrolment, the Jinchang branch continued to be student-oriented and actively created a distance education learning environment, which was centred on students, led by teachers, and used learning guidance as the main method and autonomous learning as the main model. It strived to provide assistance and services for management, counselling, instruction, enquiry, and communication to assist students in their autonomous and individualised learning. Students can ask questions about enrolment either over the phone or in the office.

Treat students sincerely and change their ideas. Jinchang has jurisdiction over one county and one district, with a population of less than 500,000. In response to the small population base and the declining profits of Jinchuan Company, one of the largest enterprises in the region, the Jinchang branch further strengthened enrolment work, changed its former way of simply waiting for students to arrive, and began to make early preparations and arrangements. It started to offer proactive and door-to-door services, and patiently answer student enquiries. Enrolment services were provided around the clock and the idea of "Come to Jinchang RTVU if you want to pursue your studies" has become a common concept among learners in Jinchang.

By Gansu RTVU