On 3rd May, 2017, Hunan Cadre Education and Training Online College’s mobile platform formally opened, along with its official WeChat account.

This innovative application of advanced technology modernises education and training for cadres, symbolising the complete transition of online training for cadres in Hunan province from fixed, network terminals to mobile terminals. Hunan Provincial Party Committee standing member and minister of the Organisation Department, Wang Shaofeng, attended the opening ceremony.

Wang Shaofeng arrived at the Hunan Radio and Television University (Hunan RTVU) to conduct an onsite investigation of online education and training work for cadres, as well as visit the Hunan Cadre Education and Training Online College staff. Wang carefully studied the development and operation of the fixed network and the mobile platform, and the development and production of course resources. In the opening ceremony, Wang announced the opening of the mobile platform and WeChat official account. He stressed the pursuit of deeper understanding and implementation of key guiding principles proposed by General Secretary Xi Jinping, i.e. utilising modern information and technology training to effectively solve conflicts between work and study, taking full advantage of network technology to innovate working methods, and improving cadre training and education.

The Hunan Provincial Organisation Department commissioned Hunan RTVU to develop the Hunan Cadre Education and Training Online College. The college is developing in phases. According to the latest statistics, registered learners currently total 215,000 persons, with an average of more than 25,000 daily visitors. To date, the college has trained a total of 290,000 persons/times. The opening of the mobile platform and WeChat account will release the latest cadre education and training in a timely manner, and regularly release new courses in an effort to realise interconnectivity and resource sharing with the fixed network platform.

By Zhou Xiaolei, Hunan Daily