Inner Mongolia Radio and Television University (Inner Mongolia RTVU) recently held the 7th Young Teachers Teaching Skills Competition, which attracted more than 80 people, including competitors from four of its schools and 11 branches, as well as school leaders from the participating units, plus judges, to participate in the opening ceremony.

The competition was divided into three groups: arts, science and engineering, and Mongolian language. The teachers participating in the competition are excellent teachers selected from grassroots units, including the schools and branches of the Inner Mongolia RTVU. After two days of intense and orderly competition and careful selection by the judges, three competitors, Yang Chunan from Inner Mongolia RTVU’s Chifeng RTVU branch, and Zan Liguo and Aotegengjiya from the School of Technology, were awarded with the first prize in arts, science and engineering, and Mongolian language respectively. Five competitors, Ma Jing from Alxa RTVU, Bo Yanni from Bayannaoer RTVU, Wu Yun from Hohhot RTVU, Wang Jingmin from Bayannaoer RTVU, and Sarina from Hohhot RTVU won the second prize in arts, science and engineering, and Mongolian language. Another six competitiors, including Zhao Hongjie from Bayannaoer RTVU, Wang Jianxin from Wuhai RTVU, Qi Haitang from Hohhot RTVU branch, Qinglian from Xilinguole RTVU, Zhao Guixia from Baotou RTVU, and Bao Xiaojuan from Chifeng RTVU, won the third prize in arts, and science and engineering. 25 competitors were honoured with outstanding awards. Five RTVU branches in Baotou, Xilinguole, Wulanchabu, Erdos, and Wuhai were granted awards for their excellent organisation work. At the closing ceremony of the contest, the leaders of the headquarters of Inner Mongolia RTVU and its branches awarded honorary certificates to the winners and the winning units.

The competition was carried out in line with the spirit and requirements of carrying out teaching skills contests for young teachers in colleges and universities in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region as proposed by the organising committee of employees’ occupational skills competition in the region. The aim is to provide a platform and opportunities for young teachers at RTVUs in the region to display their abilities, to improve the quality of teaching in open education, and to build an open education teaching team with solid basic skills.

In order to perform well in the competition, grassroots level teaching units earnestly organised the selection of young teachers. An organising committee and evaluation committee were set up for the competition at Inner Mongolia RTVU. The RTVU Discipline Supervision Office also sent a special team to supervise the whole process, which reflected the fair, just, and open principles of the competition.

Relevant responsible personnel at Inner Mongolia RTVU said that the competition was an important measure to improve the teaching and education quality of the RTVU system in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, enhance the ability and the level of teachers in the system, and strengthen the construction of the RTVU system. It is a useful tool for creating cohesion within the RTVU system and strengthening cultural construction. It is also an extension and expansion of the party construction work and an effective practice focusing on education and teaching services. The competition had the following characteristics. Firstly, the participating units attached great importance to the contest and carefully organised participants. Secondly, the competing teachers prepared well and displayed a positive attitude in the competition. Thirdly, the way the courseware was designed and that way multimedia equipment was used by participating teachers clearly helped to improve their teaching design skills. Fourth, the teachers' teaching guidance abilities were greatly enhanced and the advantages of professional open education courses were highlighted. Finally, the mandarin level of the teachers has improved significantly and their psychological quality and simultaneous response abilities have greatly improved. The competition fully reflected the excellent psychological quality, outstanding professional skills, and mental outlook of young teachers at Inner Mongolia RTVU, and the potential advantages of the RTVU.

By Inner Mongolia RTVU