Recently, Qinghai RTVU and Qinghai Province Department of Commerce held a signing and inauguration ceremony for Qinghai E-Commerce Training College.

The College was jointly prepared and founded by the two parties. Qinghai RTVU president Yang Ziyan, vice president Xin Quanzhou, and deputy director of Qinghai Province Department of Commerce Wang Xubin attended the ceremony, along with related personnel from both parties and representatives from some local enterprises.

Yang Ziyan and Wang Xubin signed the educational cooperation agreement and unveiled the plaque for the college

Xin Quanzhou hosted the ceremony and briefly described the background and significance of the College, recognising it as an achievement of the fruitful cooperation between the provincial commerce department and Qinghai RTVU.

Wang Xubin noted that the establishment of the College marks the initiation of the combination of e-commerce degree education with non-degree education, setting a precedent for Qinghai provincial government to cooperate with universities and enterprises in e-business teaching, and creating a solid foundation for developing the personnel needed for the e-commerce industry in Qinghai.

Yang Ziyan said that the establishment of the College is a crucial step in the cooperation between the Qinghai Province Department of Commerce and Qinghai RTVU. It caters to the development needs of the current era and effectively addresses the problem of Qinghai’s scattered population. It also addresses the practical issue of the conflict between work and study in order to ultimately develop more high-profile and practical e-commerce personnel to stimulate the development of Qinghai’s e-commerce industry and positively contribute to the economic and social development of the province. Yang also put forward some suggestions for the development of the college’s teaching team, field training base, teaching resources, and distance education platform.

By Qinghai RTVU