On the afternoon of 27th March 2017, Dingxi City Express Delivery Industry Training Centre was inaugurated at the Dingxi Branch of Gansu RTVU, signifying that Dingxi Branch has taken the next step in its non-degree education provision.

Executive deputy mayor of Dingxi city Huang Aiju attended the ceremony and stressed that the municipal postal administration bureau should play a role in strengthening communication between Dingxi Branch and express delivery companies in order to further the development of talent in the industry. The Dingxi Branch will focus on the trends and features of the express delivery industry, using a combination of post-technical training and personnel quality, theory, and practice and explore the development of a “express delivery +” model. Municipal governmental departments should give full play to their advantages to support personnel development in the express delivery industry and promote the rapid and sustained development of the express delivery industry in Dingxi. The teachers from the training centre should provide all-round professional and technical training for the trainees at different levels and from multiple aspects in order to cultivate multifaceted personnel that meet the needs of the industry. Lastly, people in the express delivery should be committed to increasing their professional ability through further study and positively facilitate the integrated development of delivery with both e-commerce and physical stores in order to constantly improve the service of the express delivery industry.

Huang Pu, president of Dingxi Branch, Gansu RTVU, said that in the future the university will continue to adhere to its school-running concepts, actively respond to the development needs of society, industry, and enterprises, and cooperate with the municipal postal administration bureau and the municipal express delivery industry association in order to further strengthen the construction of the training centre, create innovative educational concepts, optimise its educational resources, improve training mechanisms, and emphasise the effectiveness of training. It will work hard to make Dingxi City Express Delivery Industry Training Centre an educational base for talented professionals in the postal industry and provide key personnel with a guarantee and support for the transformation of the city’s postal industry.

By Gansu RTVU