During the opening ceremony for the 2016 Civilian Lifelong Learning event in Huzhou city, six units, including Huzhou City Library, Huzhou City Museum, Huzhou Museum of Science and Technology, the Public Training and Practice Centre, Hubi Museum, and Detaiheng Cultural Centre, were listed as the first batch of experiential bases for lifelong education and learning for Huzhou Radio and Television University (Huzhou RTVU), marking the official launch of a new way for Huzhou RTVU to join with social organisations to accelerate the integration and sharing of public resources.

The first group of Huzhou RTVU’s lifelong education and learning experiential bases were set up in conjunction with social public educational resources from colleges and universities, industries, districts, and counties. Their purpose is to integrate resources, make innovations in modes, promote participation and collaboration in community education by multiple bodies, integrate high-quality public education and cultural resources, and build a new open and interactive platform for lifelong learning experiences for the general population.

During the event week, some lifelong education and learning experiential programmes and activities, including making Huzhou writing brushes and pottery, printmaking, and so on, were launched in the experiential bases, which attracted more than 500 people to participate in the experiential event.

Huzhou RTVU will advance the lifelong education and learning experiential base construction step by step according to the construction principle of “multi-functional site”, such as science education, Chinese revolutionary history, reading, costume and adornment culture, ceramic art creation, and vocational culture. Six to eight new experiential bases are planned and will be constructed over the next year, with a number of new learning experiential programmes being launched to meet the needs of people from different age groups. Furthermore, a WeChat public network appointment service will be constructed or improved to assist the general public to sign up and participate in the activities.

By Zhejiang RTVU