On 9th November, 2016, Hengyang Municipal Committee and Hengyang RTVU held awards ceremonies to grant plaques to the “Rural College Student Development Plan” and “Teaching Practice and Entrepreneurship Base”, confer certificates upon local experts and rural scholars, and award banners to volunteers.

An official notice on the programme was announced at the kick-off ceremony. In the first stage of the programme, 23 “Rural College Student Development Plans” and “Teaching Practice and Entrepreneurship Bases” were granted plaques, 24 local experts and rural scholars were employed, and 12 volunteer service teams from counties (districts) were awarded banners, marking the official establishment of a rural college student volunteer group.

As one of the first prefecture-level cities participating in the nationwide “One College Student Per Village” pilot programme, Hengyang has trained nearly 10,000 rural college students since 2005, and is the only city in Hunan province that has implemented the programme without any interruptions and has explored a unique rural learner development model. The awards ceremonies demonstrated Hengyang RTVU’s efforts to reform and innovate the teaching model, content and method, symbolising its pioneering initiative in the provincial RTVU system.

After the ceremonies, a rural college student volunteer team from Hengshan county conducted volunteering activities, including a donation ceremony, visiting six poverty-stricken villagers, and offering schoolbags and stationery to over 30 left-behind children in Kaiyun Town Central School. They also visited the monument to the martyrs in Kangwang temple in order to understand the area’s historical revolutionary tradition.

By Cai Yusheng, Hunan Hengyang RTVU