According to Gansu Provincial Education Department, two students from Gansu RTVU School for the Disabled, Yang Dongming and Wang Manyi, have been named 2016 “Common People Learning Stars”. Yang Dongming and Wang Manyi are from the school’s autumn 2016 social work undergraduate programme and autumn 2015 social work undergraduate programme, respectively.

Yang Dongming is an enthusiastic boy in a wheel chair. Since he was admitted onto the digital media programme at Gansu RTVU School for the Disabled in autumn 2010, Yang has been using what he learned to explore artistic creation. Some of his works, such as Yang Dongming Painting Collections on Flowers and Birds and Selection of Yang Dongming’s Works, have been published. Some of his works have been collected by galleries and museums both in China and abroad, including Lotus, Herd Camels, Awesomeness, and Greenness in the Morning. Yang has received honorary membership titles to the China Artists Association, the Chinese Painting Artists Association, the Taiwan Cross-Strait Cultural Exchange Association, Singapore Shenzhou Art Academy, and Penglai Art Academy. In 2012, Yang founded the Painting and Calligraphy Association attached to Gansu RTVU and undertook the position of chair of the association, hosting several painting and calligraphy contests. In 2013, Yang established Gansu Xinyi Social Work Service Centre, providing free teaching and accommodation for art lovers.

Wang Manyi is visually impaired, yet still persists in chasing his dreams. Since 2010, while studying the junior college and undergraduate social work programmes at Gansu RTVU School for the Disabled, Wang received one gold and two silver medals in the 2010 National Track and Field Championships for the Disabled, and broke the national record for 10,000 metres at T13 level. At the 8th National Paralympic Games in August 2011, Wang won two gold, one silver, and one bronze medal, breaking the national record for 1,500 metres.

By Gansu RTVU