Recently, Luo Shuanggen, 81 years old, passed the examination and received a certificate of literacy.

The old man lives in Taoxi village, Yingcun township, Suichang county, Lishui city, Zhejiang province. Six months of training at Suichang Community College (Suichang RTVU) not only helped Luo become literate, but also enabled him to master skills like electrical maintenance and garbage classification, etc.

In Suichang, there are lots of such “happy” elderly people like Luo Shuanggen. Since the launch of the new era literacy programme in 2013, Suichang county has been relying on Suichang Community College and its subordinate branches in Miaogao, Dazhe, Shilian, and Beijie to carry out substantial activities to wipe out illiteracy, especially targeted toward the illiterate aged from 16 to 55 years old. Satisfactory effects have been achieved through the activities of the “sending training home in one hundred villages” programme to proactively promote the illiteracy elimination programme.

To date, the number of those in Suichang county who have benefited from the literacy programme has reached 15,133, achieving a literacy rate of 98.2% in the county, of which 3,470 illiterate labourers have now met the requirements for literacy, making a 87% rate of illiteracy elimination. Meanwhile, Suichang county has reached the target literacy rate of more than 97%, ahead of its scheduled evaluation as a basic educational modernisation county.

Zhejiang Department of Education also gave full recognition to Suichang county’s literacy work. In a recent provincial literacy work summary and commendation meeting, Suichang county was honoured as “2013-2015 Advanced Unit in Literacy Work in Zhejiang Province”, the only education bureau at county (city, district) level in Lishui city receiving such an award.

By Ye Jinxiong, Su Lijun, Zhejiang Suichang RTVU