“The 2016 Annual National Publishing and Library World Reading Conference”, sponsored by the Library Society of China, the China Taofen Foundation, China Publishing Group, China Xinhua Bookstore Association, and the Books and Periodicals Distribution Association of China, was recently held in Yinchuan, Ningxia province.

The libraries of the Open University of China (OUC) achieved good results in the collection and selection of 2016 nationwide reading model case studies held during the conference. Relying on the Rural RTVU’s Book Houses to Promote Civil Reading in Townships, a case submitted by the library of Changchun Radio and Television University (Changchun RTVU) and Promoting a Reading-Oriented Community submitted by Nantong RTVU library were both awarded third prizes.

These two cases, both originating from "Hand in Hand: Reading Campaigns for Rural Teenagers", an event to promote nationwide reading sponsored by the OUC, are high-quality reading programmes introduced with the aim of connecting campus and non-university reading, helping readers to find the value of reading and attract more people to the libraries.

Changchun RTVU Library: Relying on the Rural RTVU’s Book Houses to Promote Civil Reading in Townships

Changchun RTVU’s reading promotion Relying on the Rural RTVU’s Book Houses to Promote Civil Reading in Townships is a typical case reflecting the proliferation of Hand in Hand: Rural Teenagers’ Reading Campaigns in Changchun. Changchun RTVU studied sites in rural areas for rural book houses and mobilised its whole staff to get involved in the construction of the book houses. Changchun Education Bureau launched an initiative calling for units directly under its jurisdiction to donate books for students. A total of 45 organisations and schools donated more than 50,000 books, covering over ten thousand categories. With the assistance of the OUC, Changchun RTVU and Shanghai Adream Charitable Foundation worked together to invest equipment and library software worth RMB 200,000 for 20 RTVU rural book houses constructed by Changchun RTVU. Changchun Digital Learning Harbour, set up by Changchun RTVU, donated a new computer and 5T digital resources for each library. Changchun RTVU has donated funds or resources for the construction of 22 rural RTVU book houses with an investment of more than RMB 500,000, benefiting 14,289 students covering 370 classes in secondary and primary schools in poor and remote areas.

In order to help children build self-awareness based on reading and grow up in a confident and dignified manner, Changchun RTVU organised a variety of reading activities. In an essay collection event organised by Changchun RTVU, all of its 22 libraries have submitted works. Changchun RTVU then selected outstanding articles for an essay collection activity called Hand in Hand: Rural Teenagers’ Reading, organised by the OUC’s Library Working Committee. A total of 38 people have been awarded and one person made a speech at the awards ceremony. In addition, Professor Zhang Ruilin from the OUC was invited to deliver a speech entitled "A Beacon to Enlighten Minds" and volunteers from Adream Foundation were also invited to give training to the teachers and principals of the reading houses.

Nantong RTVU Library’s “Promoting a Reading-Oriented Community”

Starting from “Hand in Hand: Rural Teenager Reading Campaign” and with the appeal of Building a Strong Reading Environment and Promoting the Cultural Value of Reading in Nantong by Nantong municipal government, a series of social reading promotion activities were included in the case study of “Promoting a Reading-Oriented Community” from Nantong RTVU library.

The library of Nantong RTVU, upholding the principles of “discernment, practice, self-discipline, social commitment, common promotion, enhancement of teaching and learning, and unity of knowledge and action", called on its staff members to promote reading within higher vocational, open and community education. Through measures such as establishing brands, setting up specialised organisational units, diversifying participating bodies, diversification of reading methods, multi-media advertisements, and online information communication, it constantly improved the operating mechanism for the nationwide reading activities to ensure their normalisation. Remarkable achievements have been made in community and campus reading promotion activities. Ten community reading houses have been established since 2011, which have helped to equip their cooperative reading houses with more than 30,000 books and periodicals, over 2,000 discs, and more than 60 computers. For three consecutive years starting from the nineteenth World Book Day, Nantong RTVU library has worked with the communities to create a community reading festival, integrating college students’ reading into communities and rural areas, which has greatly raised interest and enthusiasm for reading among residents and students from both colleges and primary schools, and has created a more diverse pattern for the innovation of community reading models and extending reading grounds for community residents. With regard to reading promotion on campuses, the library has actively carried out various forms of reading promotion activities from the five aspects of themed reading at traditional festivals and on memorial days, children's topical reading, themed reading months, library service publicity themed reading, and themed competitions.

By Zhang Hongli, OUC