The 2016 “Moving Anhui - Most Beautiful Persons” were recently announced. Among them was Li Yuanfang, an undergraduate student majoring in Chinese Language and Culture at Anhui Radio and TV University (RTVU), and teacher at Zhangxiang Primary School, Dingji Township, Fengtai County.

Energy Invested in a Village Classroom

As a child, Li Yuanfang suffered from polio, resulting in severe muscular atrophy in her left leg. She refused to give up, passed her college entrance examination, and studied hard at a junior college. After graduation, she returned to her hometown and became a teacher at a remote, rural, primary school. She moved about the front of the classroom supported by a crutch. She could have taught seated, but refused to do so in order to deliver her lesson more effectively. She had a bench placed by the teacher’s desk, and knelt on either knee, or both knees, so she could continue to lecture during instances when she was driven nearly crazy from the pains in her leg and waist. She never gave up on a single child in her classroom, and she always found clever ways to help students drop bad learning habits and form good ones. She set an example for the children with both her words and deeds, guiding them to grow up healthily and happily.

Her Original Intent Remained Improving Herself

Li Yuanfang always had a dream in her mind - to improve her own educational level. However, she had to keep this dream of hers deep in her mind, due to her busy work schedule and decreased mobility. When she learned that undergraduate degree education could be received through the RTVU via diversified formats, including open education’s teaching and learning through an online network, her “university dream” resurfaced. In August 2016, Li Yuanfang went to Anhui RTVU’s workstation in Fengtai County, and enrolled herself in an undergraduate education programme. She held on to her original intent, and was ready to “recharge” in order to continue imparting knowledge to village children. “I have continued learning all these years. In my opinion, more knowledge can be taught to the children only through continuous learning,” said Li Yuanfang.

Models Demonstrate Modern Elegance

She was described in the awards speech at “Moving Anhui - Most Beautiful Persons” as, “It is a crutch that holds up the obstinate body; it is a bench that fosters a beautiful, kneeling life. Standing like a giant before the teacher’s desk for 18 years, pieces of chalk strokes have inscribed the teacher’s dignity. Peaches and plums do not have to speak, yet the world beats a path to them (a Chinese saying which describes how a person of true worth attracts admiration). She told us with smiles that the gains from pain are sweeter, and a low, kneeling attitude makes dreams fly higher.”

This selection was organised by Anhui Provincial CPC Committee’s Organization and Publicity departments, and the Anhui Guidance Commission on Building Spiritual Civilisation, and was undertaken by Anhui Daily Press Group, Anhui Radio and Television, and Anhui New Media Group Co., Ltd. The top 10 most beautiful persons for 2016 were announced at the awards ceremony, putting the modern elegance of these Anhui role models on full display, and embracing the social values of admiring virtue, emulating those better than oneself, and moral integrity.

By China RTVU News
Contributed by  Li Ru, Anhui RTVU