In June 2008, I was fortunate enough to be able to work in the finance department of the Guofang Department Store in Zhangye. In 2011, I was promoted to department supervisor.

At first, I thought I could handle my work easily and never expected that when I saw my first batch of financial statements I would be unable to understand them even after reading them three times! Gradually I found that there were too many things, such as comprehensive income, developing sales targets, receiving external intermediary auditing and making financial budget plans, which I had never worked on before and thus did not know how to deal with.

When I was feeling helpless, I saw an enrollment advertisement for the Zhangye branch of the China Central Radio and Television University (CCRTVU, Zhangye RTVU for short), stating that the accounting specialty was open for admission. So I registered for it without hesitation. After more than two years’ study, my theoretical knowledge in accounting has improved significantly. I became very skillful in my daily work, like reading financial statements, making budget plans, working with intermediary auditing companies to do auditing work, analysing data to help the general manager with decision-making and so on. The company leaders and my tutor in Zhangye RTVU both told me that in the face of competition and pressure, I should continue my studies and that the continued pursuit of knowledge was necessary. The purpose of studying at RTVU was not just to get an educational degree, but to cultivate my abilities and improve my competitiveness. My colleagues and friends asked me why I chose Zhangye RTVU. I told them that it was because the RTVU’s undergraduate classes were mostly arranged on weekends or at nights, which would not affect my daily work and life too much, because I had finished my junior college and undergraduate programmes in this RTVU and I had deep feelings for it, because I was very familiar with the teachers of the Zhangye RTVU and it would be convenient for me to communicate with them, and lastly because I have an inseparable bond with, and trust in, this RTVU.

Due to the trust and affection of the tutors of Zhangye RTVU, every time they see students coming and going, they always find familiar faces returning to the campus, being moved by the words of their fellow students, “To get another certificate and to take in more knowledge”. Because of the belief "knowledge can change your fate" and the concept of lifelong learning, many RTVU graduates who have obtained a junior college diploma or undergraduate degree chose to return to an RTVU again and step back into their familiar classrooms for further studies. RTVUs provide a path where students can set sail, refuel themselves for a successful business career and find support for a better life.

Soon, through much hard work, I completed more than half of my studies. However a job transfer right before my graduation required that I also improve my English level and I was once again thrown in to an awkward position. By then I was already very familiar with the RTVU brand and after studying in Zhangye RTVU I had significantly improved my work abilities and successfully passed the professional title evaluation. Being greatly benefited from the education of the RTVU, I chose to continue my studies here with confidence. I remember the second time that I went to register in the RTVU and showed my certificate. The teacher in the registration office asked me with surprise, "Why do you want to study here again? You already have a junior college certificate!" My answer was very simple, "I’m already accustomed to reading while I work. I’m also used to the teaching mode here. As long as there are courses I need, I will keep going. If the RTVU offers a postgraduate programme, I will apply for it. As the old saying goes, it is never too late to learn. There is no end to knowledge!"

Indeed, my studies in the RTVU helped me to make constant improvements in my work. At my job I am a backbone employee, a middle-level manger, a good helper for the top level management team, an exemplary model for other colleagues and a realistic model who kept learning even after having a job. To spend five years completing the studies of the undergraduate and junior college programmes is not an easy thing for a working adult born in the 1970s. My work uses up most of my energy. After coming home, I still needed to complete studying multiple topics. But driven by this stubborn and unyielding desire to prove my abilities, I insisted on working hard and was dedicated to my studies. While completing my courses, I proved the famous saying that "Good fortune always favours those who are well prepared".

The RTVU has laid a very good foundation for me to pursue my studies and has been part of a very crucial phase in my life which has sped up my growth and paved a broad road for my future. I am sure that in the future when I recall my time in the RTVU, I will be very grateful for being able to have known such a beautiful place. The RTVU provides the majority of students with a good learning platform under the guidance of its motto "For All Learners and All for Learners". I always tell myself that I have never regretted choosing Zhangye RTVU. It helped me a lot with my development, enabled me to learn while working and provided a solution for adults like me who wish to pursue further studies. Also, in the teaching process, humane management was enacted in the RTVU. If I was ever too busy to leave work, I could choose to watch the tutors’ course lectures at home instead of going to onsite classes. The RTVU is a very good way to deal with the contradiction between work and study for adult learners and it is a good choice for adult education.

The RTVU has given me an opportunity to access higher education and to achieve a dream I've had for many years. It has given me a chance to enrich myself. Survival in today’s world is cruel. One will possibly get eliminated if he/she doesn’t take in new knowledge. In short, it was the right choice to study in an RTVU and I have enjoyed it!

(This article won a prize for excellence in the OUC’s “My Learning Story” essay competition.)

By Luo Jie, Accounting Programme of Spring 2013 Semester, Zhangye RTVU