On October 2nd, 2011, the Open University of China (OUC) Chinese Language Center signed an agreement of cooperation with Indonesia's Victor Language Centre in a ceremony on Bali Island.

President of the OUC, Yang Zhijian, and Ardjan Leo, Vice Chairman of the Association of Social Care and Education of Chinese Indonesian Community in North Sumatra Indonesia and Coordinator of Foreign Language College of International Friendship of Asia attended the signing ceremony. Arifin Zain, Executive Chairman of Djakarta Chinese Education Coordination Organization, Director of Indonesia Ministry of Education Cooperating Agency of Joint Secretariat and Director

On September 1st 2011, the signing ceremony for the "Agreement on the OUC Assistance to Tibet University for Joint Construction of the OUC School of Tibet During the 12th Five-Year Plan Period" was held at Tibet University. Director of the Department of Education in Tibet Autonomous Region, Song Heping, OUC President Yang Zhijian and Vice President Yan Bing, Secretary of the C.P.C. Tibet University Party Committee Fang Lingmin, and President Gesang Qunpei of Tibet University attended the signing ceremony presided over by Vice President Lou Yuanbing of Tibet University. Persons from the related departments of the OUC and Tibet University attended the opening ceremony as well.

The "2011 International Forum on Chinese Teacher Training" co-sponsored by the Open University of China (OUC) and China Education Television and organized by the OUC Chinese Language Center was held at the China Hall of Science and Technology Hotel on the afternoon of August 12, 2011. The Forum's purpose was to give impetus to the building of an international team of Chinese language teachers, to address the emerging global demand for Chinese language education, and to better solve the problem of "teachers" among the three key elements of "teachers, teaching materials and teaching methods" that limit the development of international Chinese education.

The 2010 OUC scholarship review was completed recently. A total of 5,950 students were awarded scholarships, among whom 4,817 received the OUC scholarship, 535 received the "Field of Hope" Scholarship, 100 students received the IET-Sunshine Scholarship and 498 received the OUC Military Personnel Scholarship.

The 5,950 scholarship winners are distributed across 1,440 tutorial centres in 41 provincial RTVUs

Changchun School for the Disabled of the Open University of China (OUC), also named School of Special Education of Changchun Radio and TV University, was founded on May 10, 2011. In its initial phase, the School is offering diploma programmes in digital media design and production as well as social work. It has enrolled 43 students in the spring of 2011, and provided each disabled student with 500 RMB in financial aid.

Positive progress has been made in the research and development of the OUC online platform. The development of the basic framework of the platform has been completed and a pilot version will be presented in this May.

In line with the OUC Development Scheme, the online platform under construction

On April 14, 2011, the Open University of China (OUC) and the OUC School of Tibet co-organized the training of volunteers for the OUC's Action Plan to Support Tibet with Voluntary Online Teaching through a real time conference system, which marked the start of the project.

Open education altogether recruited 467,000 students in the spring of 2011, 130,000 to undergraduate programmes and 337,000 to diploma programmes. Enrolment has increased by 9% on last year and represents the largest number in the history of spring recruitment.

Spring recruitment of open education in the OUC was launched on December 3, 2010, involving 92 programmes (including 26 undergraduate programmes starting from the completion of diploma education, 48 diploma programmes and 18 the One-College-Student-for-One-Village Programme),