In order to strengthen the construction of a teaching team in the organisational system of the Open University of China (OUC), promote the professional development of teachers, improve the level of teaching in distance and open education, and enhance the comprehensive quality of teachers, from 12-16 November 2018,

the OUC held an advanced seminar for key accounting teachers. Forty-eight backbone teachers from the OUC’s 27 branches participated in the class and graduated successfully.

During the seminar, special reports, lectures, and group discussions were held. Yang Xiaotang, OUC vice president, gave a special report entitled "Open Universities and Open Education", in which he shared his understanding and views on "The Ideological Basis of Open Education,” "Lifelong Learning and the Lifelong Education System,” "The Evolution of International Open Learning Resources,” "The Evolution of Distance Open Education,” and "The Construction of Open Universities.” Professor Geng Jianxin from Renmin University of China, Professor Ge Changyin from China Agricultural University, Professor Xie Zhihua from Beijing Industrial and Commercial University, and Li Jiyou, a famous expert in tax planning and operation, gave reports on accounting standards, integrated teaching of finance and taxation, and the integration of financial accounting, management accounting, and tax system reform, respectively.

Group discussions and experience exchange activities were also arranged during the seminar. The teachers discussed topics including professional teaching reform, examination reform, the teaching team, and resource construction.

Teachers who attended the training said that it had allowed them to conduct in-depth exchanges and discussions on professional teaching and management, and that they had gained great results. They have increased their insight, broadened their horizons, gained an understanding of relevant breakthroughs and hot topics, were inspired to think about relevant contents in the disciplines and distance education, and improved their scientific research abilities. At the same time, the understanding and friendship between teachers within the OUC system has been deepened, which will help to strengthen the cohesion of teachers within the system and help them play a better role in the teaching team.

By Yang Shijian, OUC