On 30th March 2017, a meeting on OUC training for a special research of examination paper design and grading was held in Beijing.

A total of 55 people, including the OUC’s vice president, Liu Chen, director of the Educational Administration Department, Ye Zhihong, deputy director of the Finance Department, Hu Liduan, course leaders participating in the research work, persons responsible for teaching, and teaching management departments attended the meeting. Deputy director of the Educational Administration Department and dean of the Examination Centre, Hu Xing, presided over the meeting.

In a motivational speech at the meeting, Ye Zhihong said that examination design and paper grading are important parts of the examination work, which directly affect its fairness and justice. The research is done to find out problems, listen to the opinions and suggestions from the branches, and take measures to improve work, so as to provide reference for promoting examination reform in the OUC and strengthening construction of examination disciplines.

Liu Chen pointed out that the Management Measures of Specialty Setting in High Educational Degree Continuing Education issued by the Ministry of Education in 2016 has created opportunities for the development of open education. However, the withdrawal of the academic degree granting centres in some colleges and universities also rang alarm bells. The special survey should focus on inspecting not only the standardisation and quality of examination paper grading management, but also collect opinions on how to improve the level of paper design. Liu Chen hoped that, through the research, standardised management of examination paper grading would be further strengthened and the quality of examinations would be improved. These improvements would provide a basis for future teaching reform and teaching management reform decisions. In addition, it would help this work stand up to the assessing and inspection of educational institutions and experts at all levels.

According to Hu Xing, in the research process, investigators should carefully check answering, paper review and score recording of final term examination papers and formative assessment books. They should carefully listen to views on paper and formative assessment designs from the branches, in order to offer references for promoting test reform, especially teaching reform, in the OUC. At the same time, attention should be paid to strengthening research on paper design, further improving the level of paper design and the quality of examination work.

In the meeting, an introduction of the basic situation of the survey, including time schedule, personnel grouping, venues and research methods, were also made. Detailed descriptions were provided for specific research content, observation points for each item, as well as work to be carried out in the early, mid-term and later stages of the research. At the same time, matters requiring attention and disciplines to be observed in the research were emphasised.

By Liang Chunhui, OUC