The annual National People’s Congress (NPC) and Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) were recently held in Beijing. How many of these representatives graduated from the Open University of China (OUC)? What are their concerns?

Yi Fengjiao is a junior college graduate of Logistics Management specialty who attended OUC Shenzhen branch in the autumn of 2005, and is now a deputy to the NPC, and deputy director of a workshop in Shenzhen Guowei Electronics Co. Ltd. As the first representative of migrant workers in Shenzhen, Yi Fengjiao expressed the voices of the migrant worker group she represents at the congress and promotes their rights.

Zhu Xueqin was a Business Administration major at OUC Shanghai branch in 2007, and is now a deputy to the NPC, chairman of the trade union and league branch secretary of Shanghai Huari Garment Co. Ltd., and vice chairman of Shanghai Federation of Trade Unions. She was awarded with many honorary titles, including National Labour Model of Textile Industry, Advanced Individual of National Knowledge-Type Workers and Shanghai Model Worker. Zhu Xueqin has twice served as an NPC representative. As a senior representative from the grassroots, Zhu Xueqin has always been a voice for migrant workers.

Huang Yuefang, of Li ethnicity, comes from Five Finger Mountain City, Hainan province. A village official college student from OUC Hainan branch, she is also a deputy to the NPC, and secretary of Fanhe Village, Chang Hao Towhship party branch. Every year before the two sessions, Huang Yuefang spends a lot of time doing field visits, researching and making careful preparations for her proposal.

Tie Feiyan was born in a rural family of Hui ethnicity in Zhaotong city, Yunnan Province. A student of Educational Law at OUC Yunnan branch in 2010, deputy to the NPC, heroine who jumped into a river to save a drowning worker in Mianyang, Sichuan, she has won many honours including March Eighth Red-Banner Pacesetter at National level, 2010 Network Figure in China Network Stories ● Moving 2010 Event and Chinese University Student of the Year of 2010. As a highway toll station clerk, Tie Feiyan has focused her attention on traffic problems in Yunnan’s road network.

Fang Qing, she is an Education Management graduate of the undergraduate programme at OUC Zhejiang branch in 2006, deputy to the NPC, and principal of Jin Dong Experimental Primary School, Jinhua city. As a deputy to the NPC, she has performed her duty for ten years. Starting from raising attention to improving salaries of rural teachers, she then called for balanced urban and rural education, and afterwards for the growth environment for children. Along the way, she has been constantly paying attention to compulsory education for over ten years.

Wang Zhongxin, a graduate of OUC Bayi School, deputy to the NPC, a master gunnery sergeant of a PLA rocket force brigade, he was awarded the title of National Model for Dedication to Work in the Fifth National Moral Model Selection. This year, Wang Zhongxin will have served in the army for the maximum term of 30 years. With the approval of the Rocket Force, after participating in the 5th Session of the 12th NPC, Wang Zhongxin will take off his uniform and bid farewell to the troops. In order to fill his proposal with more substantial information, Wang Zhongxin referred to literature, visited experts and professors, had talks with grassroots officers, issued questionnaires and used the internet to solicit suggestions.

Xu Qiang, he graduated from the OUC in 2004 as a Finance Major, later becoming a deputy to the NPC, and deputy general manager of the Gear Compressor Co. Ltd. under Shenyang Blower Works Group Corporation. It is learnt that Xu Qiang has done a lot of preliminary research on how to revitalise the equipment manufacturing industry. In this year's two sessions, he will make proposals on accelerating the development of vocational education.

Lin Meijuan, of Li ethnicity, comes from Baoting, Hainan province. She was a village official college student at OUC Hainan branch in the fall of 2010, and is now a deputy to the NPC, and director of women work at Luo Kui village committee, Nanlin Township, Baoting Li and Miao Autonomous County, Hainan province. Lin Meijuan's proposal focused on the construction of infrastructure, education and economic development in rural areas.

Chen Xiaojing is a graduate of Business Management under the undergraduate programme of OUC Anhui branch in the spring of 2006, deputy to the NPC, deputy director of the department of production and technology of Fengyuan Group. Her proposal was focused on biological industry.

Li Liancheng, a graduate of the One College Student Per Village programme from the Agricultural and Medical College at OUC Henan Branch in July, 2010, he is a native of Xixinzhuang village, Qingzu township, Puyang County, Henan province, and was elected as party branch secretary of the village in 1991. He was a delegate of the 16th , 17th and 18th CPC National Congress, deputy to the 10th, 11th and 12th NPC, member of the 17th CPC National Congress, and outstanding communist party member at the national level. As mayor of a village-level city, Li Liancheng carries a big dream, which is to lead his villagers on the path to a well-off life.

Shen Qifang is a former vice president of Huzhou RTVU, Zhejiang province, now deputy to the NPC, and dean of Huzhou Farmers College. Her area of concern is vocation education. For example, in last year’s NPC and CPPCC, she suggested that the cultivation of students' artisan spirit should be integrated into the modern vocation education system, while at the same time, she called for society in general to promote the artisan spirit and enhance the social status of senior technicians.

Che Xiaoduan was a graduate of Electronics in 1982 from Zhejiang RTVU, and is now a deputy to the NPC, and vice chairwoman of Zhejiang branch of China National Democratic Construction Association. Che Xiaoduan is concerned about the construction of an honest administration at the grassroots rural level committees.

Li Wai, he studied Electronics in Guangdong RTVU from 1979 to 1982, and is a member of the CPPCC standing committee. From 2013 to 2016, Li Wai made more than 70 proposals in his individual name, each of which was given wide attention. Li Wai's proposals involve many fields, including urbanisation, genetically modified food, air pollution legislation, social management and law.

By Jin Hongyu, OUC