Associate professor; subject leader
He graduated with an English degree from the Department of Foreign Languages, Beijing Normal University, in 1983. He received a master’s degree in Film and Television Translation from the University of Sheffield in the UK, and has served as a visiting scholar at the Film and Television School of the University of California in Los Angeles, USA. 
From 1987 to 2000, he taught in the Department of Foreign Languages at Beijing Normal University while hosting the "Outlook English" programme and judging the "Star of Outlook Talent Competition" on CCTV.
In 2000, he was transferred to China Central Radio and TV University (now the OUC), where he has served as course leader and lecturer for courses such as English in a Changing World, Intercultural Communications, Business English (1 & 2), International Business Communications, International Business Etiquette, and Theory and Practice of Translation. He has also presented on a number of TV English courses, including CCRTVU's English 5, English 6, English in a Changing World, This is English (1, 2 and 3), and International Business Communications. He has lectured on the programmes Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press Gateway to English (broadcast by Beijing TV) and the CCTV programme Goal, Catchy English, and hosted programmes teaching Chinese as a foreign language, such as Chinese Phonetics, Intermediate Chinese, and After-class Guidance Garden. These have been broadcast on the Shanxi Television International Channel (China Yellow TV Station) via the American SCOLA Satellite Network. He has also been editor-in-chief of the TV puppet show "Learning English", produced by Hebei Education Press, and has hosted the “puppet dubbing” (broadcast by China Education Television). In 2005, he won the Gold Award for Open and Distance Education (ODE) TV Teaching of the CCRTVU.

He compiled the textbook Window Industry English; co-authored the This is English series of textbooks; co-authored the English textbook International Business Etiquette; and adapted the English textbook International Business Communications. He has published many academic papers on distance education and the dubbing of films in academic journals at home and abroad. He has been involved in over 120 films dubs, and his monograph, The Art of Teaching in Front of the Camera, came second in the 2014 OUC Headquarters Excellent Scientific Research Achievements Selection, second in the 2014 OUC System Excellent Scientific Research Achievements Selection, and third in the 2015 Ninth Adult Education Outstanding Scientific Research Achievements (Works) Selection.
He has been the course leader for the following courses:
International Business Etiquette, International Business Communications, A Guide to Success--Professionalism in Business, Business English (1, 2, 2-1 and 2-2), Internship Practices (Business), and English for Foreign Trade

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