Born in 1945, Zhang Yongwang is the former professor of Beijing International Studies University, and enjoys a special allowance from the State Council. He graduated from the Japanese Major of Beijing International Studies University in 1969, and studied at Aichi University in Japan from 1982 to 1984. He has visited many Japanese universities to carry out teaching work, including Aichi Gakusen University, Yokohama University of Commerce, Kanto Gakuin Women’s University, and Nagoya University. He has acted as dean of the Japanese Department of Beijing International Studies University and director of the Japanese Institute of Beijing International Studies University. He is now employed by the OUC School of Foreign Languages and is responsible for teaching business Japanese.

His major scientific research achievements include Volumes 1-4: Basic Japanese (chief editor for the third volume, member of the compilation team for the first, second and fourth volumes), Dictionary of Commonly Used Japanese Word Collocations (associate editor-in-chief), the translation work The Feeling of Doing Business, the monograph Japanese Passive Sentences, and the essay The Nature and Character of Nominatives in Japanese Passive Sentences.

Research direction: linguistic comparison between Chinese and Japanese, the theory and practice of translation

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