Former professor at the College of Foreign Language of the Capital Normal University, and graduate student supervisor

Majored in English language and literature, Foreign Language Department of Hebei Normal UniversityResearch direction: English linguistics, modern literary stylistics and varieties, English rhetoric and writing; English stylistics, applied linguistics, rhetoric, English education  


Major works:

Scientific research

  1. Guidance for the practice of foreign language teaching to enhance the quality of students through the theory of stylistics: A Beijing Municipal Education Commission project (1999-2001) (person in charge)
  2. English stylistics courseware: A Capital Normal University project (2001.5-2002.7) (person in charge)
  3. Research on a new model of assisting English teaching through reading English newspapers: A sub-task of the Tenth Five-year Plan’s “Research and experiments on the optimization of English class teaching models in primary and secondary schools” project (2002.9-2005.9) (person in charge)

Major works (monographs, teaching materials, translated books) (five earlier works)

       1.Higher-level English Prose and Composition, Peking University Press, 300,000 words (one of the editors-in-chief), 1991

  1. Graded College English Series, Tianjin University Press, (one of the editors-in-chief), 1992
  2. Intermediate English Writing Tutorials, Hebei University Press, 370,000 words (editor-in-chief), 1994
  3. Higher-level English Writing Tutorials, Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press, 110,000 words, (one of the editors-in-chief), 1996
  4. Book Series: In My Own Farmland, Hebei Education Press, (total 18 volumes) (seniortranslator), 1997  

Major academic theses (five earlier works)

       1.On Formal English and Informal English, Journal of Hebei Normal University, 1981.1

       2.Intensifying Doubles, College English, 1988.6

       3.Applying Meaning Relationships to Enlarge Students’ Vocabularies, Journal of Xi’an Foreign Language Institute, 1990.

       4.Using Language Theory to Guide Higher-Level English Reading Courses, Journal of Hebei Normal University, 1992.

       5.Group Words in English, Foreign Language Teaching, 1993.2