Shi Tianlu, professor, graduated from the English translation specialty of the English Department of Beijing Institute of International Business and Economics, predecessor of the University of International Business and Economics. He taught there after he graduated.

Selected reading: Articles on International Economy and Trade in Western Newspapers, which was published under his general editorial guidance, was awarded the Outstanding Teaching Materials prize by the Department of Economics and Trade in 1992, and was approved as the standard teaching material for foreign economy and trade universities in China. His essay The Content and Language Characteristics of Articles on International Economy and Trade in Western Newspapers was published in the journal of the Tokyo University of Economics in 1997. Selected Reading: Knowledge of Economy and Trade in Western Newspapers, which he edited in 2000, was selected as a required text for the national self-study examination programme. In addition to teaching and scientific research, he has also acted as the head of the Business English Teaching and Research Section; director of the Practical English Research Institute of Foreign Economy and Trade; and committee member of the Beijing Chaoyang District People’s Political Consultative Conference.