Associate professor
Sun Jianhua received a Master of Arts in English and American literature from Beijing Foreign Studies University. Her research interests cover design and research, and the development of adult English courses and English distance teaching.
Having studied English since 1979, she has been learning and teaching English for more than 30 years.

Compiled teaching materials and translations

In charge of the adaption of the Writing: Paragraph and Essay Development teaching material in 2013, and took part in the research and development of online courses (OUC Press)
In charge of the adaption of the Interaction: Listening / Speaking textbook in 2012 (OUC Press)
Took part in translating Mega-Schools, Technology and Teachers – Achieving Education for All. The translation work rewarded with the Special Prize for Scientific Achievements of the radio and TV universities system in 2010, and the First Prize of the Second Session of Outstanding Scholastic Works at the Chinese University Press book awards in 2012.
Took part in the compilation and design of English Through Literature and Guide to English Through Literature in 2006 (OUC Press)
Took part in the research and development of This Is English series and online courses, and helped develop video classes. This Is English I series received the honour of Outstanding National Course by the Ministry of Education in 2007. The video class won third prize in the fifth session of the Outstanding National Audio-Visual Education Products.
Took part in the compilation of “Speak Up (primary), which was the prescribed textbook for Beijing’s oral English classification certificate and test in 2002 (OUC Press).
Took part in the compilation of the textbook and script for the CCTV’S English teaching programme Dashan’s Adventures in Canada, which ran from 1997 to 2000.
Took part in the translation and annotation of New Person to Person Communicative Speaking and Listening Skills (commentary version) in 1999 (Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press)
Prepared materials for CCTV’s English teaching Programme Dashan and Friends in Canada, which ran from 1996 to 1997. The multi-media disc accompanying the TV programme, developed by the Electronic Publishing Department of Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press, was awarded the first National Electronic Publication Prize in 1999.

Courses taught:
Writing: Paragraph and Essay Development, English Through Literature, British Oral English (2), Oral English (3).
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Tel: (010) 57519231