Wu Bing, associate professor and Ph.D., was born in 1970. She has been teaching for many years, including such courses as Computer Control Technology, Modern Control Engineering, Principles of Automatic Control, Computer Aided Design of Control Systems, and Intelligent Systems and Control. Her research areas are control theory and control engineering; modeling, performance analysis, simulation and control of complex systems; advanced control theory and application.

Jointly published papers:

  • "Hierarchical Control of Large-scale Nonlinear Time-varying Systems via PGOPO", Acta Automatica Sinica, No. 6, 2001, pp.777-783
  • "A PGOPO Approach to Design Linear Servomechanism of Time-varying Systems with Time-delay"[J], Chinese Journal of Aeronautics,No. 2, 2001
  • "Multidimensional Piecewise General Orthogonal Polynomial Operators and Their Application to Parameter Identification of Distributed Parameter Systems", Control and Decision, 2001
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  • "Application of Wireless Communication Technology on Integrated DNC System[J]", Journal of China Ordnance, 2006
  • "Study on the Simulation Platform of Network Control Systems", Modern Electronics Technique, 2008, Vol. 31, No. 3
  • "Compact PCI Bus Technology and System Design", Modern Electronics Technique, 2005, Book 16: 92-94

Jointly authored textbooks:

  • Introduction to Electromechanical Control. Beijing: Publishing House of the Open University of China, 2008