Wang Liquan, doctor, professor and doctoral supervisor, is the chief lecturer and textbook editor of the OUC’s Electromechanical Control and Programmable Logic Controller Technology course. He is also academic leader of the “511 Talent Project” of the Science and Technology Industry of National Defense, winner of the “Xinghai Talent Prize” of Harbin Engineering University, and technical director of the Robotics and Underwater Intelligent Operation Equipment programme.

His research fields include multi-foot bio-robots, robot for special operations, tie-back technology of deep-water pipeline, underwater intelligent operation equipment technology, and ocean engineering equipment technology.

He has published over 90 academic papers, of which over 40 can be searched by way of SCI or EI retrieval, and has obtained 30 authorized patterns. He has won two first prizes, four second prizes and five third prizes for scientific and technological progress at the provincial or ministerial level, and a first prize for teaching achievement in provincial higher education. He has compiled seven textbooks or monographs, supervised 15 doctorates and over 50 postgraduates, and cooperated with 11 post-doctorates. He is an editorial board member for the Journal of Harbin Engineering University and CAAI Transactions on Intelligent Systems, associate editor-in-chief of MARINE SCIENCE AND APPLICATIONS and vice chairman of the Provincial Society of Mechanical Engineering, Hydraulics and Pneumatics.

He researched robot direction at Tokyo Denki University in 2000, and researched bio-robots at Northern Illinois University in 2007.

Professor Wang Liquan is strict with himself and broad-minded with others. During his work, he tries to draw on wider wisdom and teach by personal example as well as by verbal instruction. He is committed to improving the faculty’s disciplinary level and the RTVU’s capacity for scientific research.

Professor Wang Liquan has a large stock of information and pursues his studies meticulously. In addition to being a chief lecturer and textbook editor for the professional core courses at the OUC since 1999, as a leader of discipline construction at Harbin Engineering University he is in charge of the co-construction of machinery design and manufacture and its automation programme by the OUC and Harbin Engineering University, and has made a great contribution to the construction of the engineering programmes and the design of teaching resources in the OUC.