Guo Xingpu was born in July 1945 and graduated from Beijing Institute of Machinery.

Guo once worked as an engineer at Shenyang Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. Later he was transferred to Beijing Technology and Business University and served as dean and associate professor there. He is now a part-time lecturer for the course Electric Machines and Control, part of the Machine Design and Automation programme at the OUC.

Wang Lan is an associate professor who was born in October 1966. In April 1992, she received her master's degree in computer applications from Harbin Engineering University and has been involved in teaching and research since then. She is now an associate professor with the Machine Design and Automation programme in the College of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering at Harbin Engineering University. Her research focuses on specialized robots and intelligent control technology of mobile robots and path planning. Recently, Professor Wang has completed several scientific research projects, published over ten papers and edited 2 textbooks.

Since 2001, she has been the chief lecturer for the Mechatronics Interface Technology course in the Machine Design and Automation programme at the OUC.