Tan Dingzhong is the chief editor and lecturer for Sensor and Testing Technology at the OUC.He obtained his Ph.D. in Control Technology and Control Engineering in July 2000.He is currently a professor in the College of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering at Harbin Engineering University. He formerly taught: Sensor and Testing Technology, Electromechanical System Design and Simulation, Electromechanical Integration Design, Mechatronics, Microcontroller Technology, Industrial Control Computers.

Dr. Tan has participated in projects ranging from mechatronic engineering construction to naval architecture and ocean engineering devices and system construction. He is an expert in sensor and testing technology and electromechanical integration technology.

His academic papers published include:

  • "A Photoelectric Type Slide Tactile Sensor of Robot With Application" 
  • "Application of PSD to the Multi-Parameter Measurement of Quartz Pendulous Reed", Journal of Dalian University of Technology, No. S2, 1997  
  • "Research on Photoelectric Type Slide Tactile Sensor of Robot", Semiconductor Optoelectronics, No. 01, 2000   
  • "Research on Optical Fiber Type Slide Tactile Sensor for Underwater Robot", Semiconductor Optoelectronics, No. 05, 2000
  • "A Pressure and Acceleration Test Instrument for Oil Well"
  • "Synthesized Testing System of Oil-well Hole-shooting Technical Parameters"
  • "Revolving Spindle Dynamic Torque Measure System", Journal of Transducer Technology, No. 04, 2002
  • "Study of Soft Grasp Based on Slipping Sensor and Fuzzy Control", Journal of Harbin Engineering University, No. 05, 1999   
  • "Research of Chemical Etching in Quartz Sensors Processing", Sensor World, No. 03, 1998