Xu Jianxin, professor, doctor and doctoral supervisor, and vice president of North China University of Water Resources and Electric Power, is chief editor of the New Irrigation and Drainage Technology textbook. He is also a member of the Agricultural Water-soil Engineering Specialized Committee of China Society of Agriculture Engineering, National Society of Water-saving Technologies and Irrigation, Water Conservancy Specialized Committee of the Water Conservancy Society of Henan Province, and the technical committee of the National Centre for Efficient Irrigation Engineering and Technology Research, Beijing.

He has made substantial achievements in the fields of agricultural water resources assessment and the study of the theory and technology of efficiently utilizing regional water resources. In recent years, he has won second prize for national scientific and technological progress, four second prizes for provincial scientific and technological progress, and passed two to three scientific research projects with province-level identification. He has published over 50 high-level research papers and five monographs, and acted as chief editor for two textbooks. He was named an “Outstanding Expert of Henan Province” in 2006, and was twice named an “Advanced Individual of Academic Degree and Postgraduate Education in Henan Province” in 2003 and 2005.