Sun Mingquan, professor at North China University of Water Resources and Electric Power, is the chief editor of the textbook for the Hydraulic Structures course.

He has taught subjects including Hydraulic Structures (undergraduate), Advanced Soil Mechanics (graduate), Finite Element Analysis of Embankment Dams (undergraduate), Introduction to Water Conservancy (undergraduate), and others. His publications include Construction Supervision and Testing and Hydraulic Structures.

Partial list of research achievements:

  • "Study of super-thin cement rock-fill dams"
  • "Analysis of pre-stressed U-shaped thin shell aqueduct structures"
  • "Study of the Erwangzhuang reservoir extension project"
  • "Study of grout depth in leaky and cracked dams"
  • "Analysis of displacement optimization and stability forecast of double-arched dam at Tongtou"
  • "Seepage analysis using three-dimensional finite element method for Yucheng power station"
  • "Safety analysis for secondary dam of Huangbizhuang reservoir"