Wang Xin, associate professor, graduated with a master’s degree from the School of Computer and Information Technology of Liaoning Normal University in 2002. She is now a tutor and also director of the OUC Department of Computer Science and Technology.


Teaching work:

She is course leader for the Delphi Programming, Computer English for Information System Development and Maintenance, Software Engineering, Computer Networking Technology, and Web Graphic Design Basics for Computer Science and Technology courses. She also teaches Computer English and Data Structure.

Scientific Research: She was in charge of a project on distance education of programming in computer science and technology as part of the OUC 11th Five-Year Plan, and has participated in a project on framework study on Chinese continuing education in engineering by the Ministry of Education.


Her papers and published works include:

  1. “Developing a Model and Cost-benefit Evaluation for using SVG in Open E-learning Platforms” in AAOU 2006 Proceedings(Wang Xin, October 2006).
  2. “SVG and Related XML Technology in Creating Courseware for Online Distance Education” in Transaction of CCEIC National New Computer Science and Technology and Computer Education, China(Wang Xin, July 2006).
  3. “The Role of SVG in Web E-learning Solutions for Distance Education” in AAOU 2005 Proceedings(Wang Xin, September 2005).
  4. “The Construction of the Next Generation of E-learning with Grid Technology” in CET China Educational Technology (Cong Chunyu, Wang Xin, September 2004).
  5. Helped compile Delphi Programming(Central Radio & TV University Press, July 2004)

Achievements and Awards:

“The CAI Courseware of Delphi Programming” won second prize in the “Tsinghua Unis Cup” Courseware Competition in 2006.

“The CAI Courseware of Delphi Programming” won second prize in the Second National Advanced Computer Courseware Competition in 2006.

“The CAI Courseware of Micro-computer Technology” won second prize in the “Mder Cup” Courseware Competition in 2007.

She also won the RTVU System “Teaching Innovation Award” in 2010.