Wang Chunfeng, associate professor, is course leader for the Data Structure (undergraduate), Visual Basic Programming, and Management Information Systems courses. She graduated from Tianjin University in February 1982, and has taught at the CCRTVU since. She obtained her master’s degree in computer technology engineering from Beijing University of Technology.

She is mainly engaged in the teaching, teaching management and research of subjects such as Visual Basic Programming, Management Information Systems, ERP Principles, and Application and Data Structures, and is in charge of related work for the information system development and maintenance programme (diploma).

In recent years, major teaching materials and teaching videos to which she has contributed include Visual Basic Programming, Experiments with Visual Basic Programming, Management Information Systems, Data Structures, and ERP Principles and Applications, of which the course Visual Basic Programming won the bronze in the first “RTVU ODE Online Teaching Award”, first prize in the “Tsinghua Unisplendour Cup” Courseware Competition in 2006, and second prize in the “RTVU Teaching Innovation Award”, and was named an Excellent Course (Online Education) at the National Level. In terms of scientific research, she was in charge of “The Design and Practice of Multi-Media Teaching Materials Based on Task-Driven Teaching Methods”, one of the projects included in the CCRTVU 10th Five-Year Plan. She is now in charge of the “Study of the Teaching Reform of the Data Structure Course in the Environment of Distance Education” project, and is participating in research work for the “Research and Development of a Training Package for Audio-visual Teaching Materials Compilation” project.