Specialty: Graphics and Image Processing, Graphic Design

Lei Bo is an expert in Photoshop education. He is an instructor for the CEAC Graphic Design certification and a Photoshop instructor for CETV-1 and BTV-3. He formerly served as supervisor for the teaching department of ACTC and associate editor of the magazine Graphics, Image and Computer Animation. He has rich experience in using and teaching Photoshop, and has developed teaching systems and question banks on graphic design for several certification examination systems.

His books published include Creating Advertisements with Photoshop, An Easy Study of Flash MX with Examples, Creation, Special Effects and Design with the Chinese Version of Photoshop CS2, Standard Course for the Chinese Version of 3ds Max 7.0, Mastering Ten Core Photoshop Techniques, 108 Examples of Special Effects with Photoshop, and 108 Examples of Text Effects with Photoshop.

He teaches Image Processing with Photoshop for this programme.