Li Weisheng is chief editor and chief lecturer of the OUC course Data Structure (undergraduate), and chief editor of Discrete Mathematics (undergraduate).

He graduated from the Mathematics Department of Nankai University in 1970. From 1978 to 1994, he worked in the Modern Physics Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. In 1984, he worked as leader of a software group and vice director of Computer and Mathematics Society of Gansu Province. In 1991, he acted as vice director of the Research Laboratory of Data Procurement and Processing and member of the Institute Academic Committee. From 1988 to 1990, he worked in a heavy ion physics center in West Germany as an invited visiting scholar, conducting cooperative research in the field of computer control. In 1994, he was invited to Beijing Jiaotong University and has worked there ever since. He had been deputy president of the School of Computer and Information Technology and deputy president of the School of Software in Beijing Jiaotong University. He is now a professor and material supervisor of the university, with major involvement in the teaching, scientific research and postgraduate training concerning computer algorithms and computer application software development.

Research fields: parallel algorithms, network databases, design and analysis of algorithms, graph theory algorithms, optimization methods and application, and the interdisciplinary applications of computer science in the field of nuclear science.

Scientific research and major academic achievements: The development of "Optimal design procedure of beam optics systems" with him in charge won the third prize of scientific and technological achievements of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. The project of algorithm and software with him in charge of the design won the first prize of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Finite element computation program on the analysis of magnetic pull of the heavy ion accelerator of Lanzhou was completed with him in charge.

Teaching: has offered many courses for the undergraduates and postgraduates. They are Data Structure, Discrete Mathematics, Graph Theory and Algorithms, Specialized Foreign Language, Pascal Language Programming, C Language Programming, Design and Analysis of Algorithms, Design and Analysis of Parallel Algorithms and others.

Dissertation works: about 100 academic dissertations presented in journals and at academic conferences at home and abroad, including:

  • Fast Algorithm of the Shortest Path Tree at Low Cost by way of EI retrieval of the fifth volume, 2004 A Software Journal
  • An Improved Multicast Routing Algorithm by way of EI retrieval of the fourth volume, 2005 An Electronics and Information Journal
  • An Efficient Huffman Encryption Algorithm without Building a Huffman Tree in the third volume of 2005 A Journal of Image and Graphics in China.