Wang Cheng, born in March 1940, graduated in computer science from the former Automatic Control Department of Tsinghua University and was chosen to teach in the same school at the time of his graduation. He has been teaching since then and he is now a professor of the Computer Department in Tsinghua University. He studied in France between 1973 and October 1975. For years, he has been engaged in teaching and scientific research in the university. He has led successively the teaching of such subjects as the Programming of Advanced Computer Language, Computer Operating Systems, Fundamentals of Compiling, Database Systems, Microprogramming and Principles of Computer Organization. With the aid of the Ministry of Education, TEC-2 Teaching Computer System was developed and made into products. Since its extension for application, it has played an important role in improving the teaching quality and level of teaching and experimentation of the Principles of Computer Organization in Tsinghua University and a number of universities nationwide. The research result won the third prize of scientific and technological achievements issued by the former National Education Commission.