Hu Jun is an associate professor and chief lecturer of Discrete Mathematics (undergraduate) with the OUC.

Research field: Hu is mainly engaged in teaching and research involving artificial intelligence, visualization technology and computer-aided design. He has compiled or participated in the compiling of books or textbooks on computer graphics and image design. He has been engaged in discussion and projects on software engineering environment, computer-aided design and graphic image technology, database and data mining visualization.

Major works: compilation or compilation involvement of books and textbooks on computer graphics and image design, of which Practical Study Course of Graphics and Image is included as one of the teaching materials for the 10th Five-Year Plan. Now he is compiling teaching materials for the 11th Five-Year Plan.

Teaching: he has undertaken the following courses in computer science and technology. They are Discrete Mathematics, Computer-Aided Modelling and Animation Design, Computer Animator, Computer Graphics and Database Principles and Application.