Chang Dan, associate professor, graduated from the Research Institute for Fiscal Science, Ministry of Finance. She is now associate professor and postgraduate supervisor at Beijing Jiaotong University. She is mainly engaged in teaching and scientific research of management information systems and ERP. She has offered a series of subjects for undergraduate and postgraduate students, including Economic Cybernetics, Software Development Tools, Accounting Systems, ERP Introduction, ERP Simulation, Commercial ERP Experiment, Expert Certification of ERP Supply Chains, Economy and Decision Support Systems, and Economic Mathematical Modes and Approaches.

Fields of study include accounting computerization, enterprise management information systems, business information, and ERP – application of enterprise resource plans.

Major works include:

  1. Commercial ERP Practical Course, Tsinghua University Press, August 2007
  2. Simulation Experiment Course of ERP Systems, Electronic Industry Press, June 2007
  3. ERP Principles and Practice, jointly published by Tsinghua University Press and Beijing Jiaotong University Press, March 2005