Hu Song is a senior surface webpage designer and education products expert and member of the NIT-PRO Test Commission of the National Education Examinations Authority (NEEA). He was designer for the website of China Telecom and had held the positions of teacher for computer-based art design, product manager and chief inspector for teaching in Beijing New Oriental School. He has participated in the planning and development of several large-scale websites.

Published books include Perfect Webpage Design With Dreamweaver 8 -- Elementary Level, HTML: from Rudiments to Proficiency, Fantastic WebPages Production with Dreamweaver + Flash 8 + Fireworks 8, A Complete Handbook of Dreamweaver 8, Standard Course of Flash 8, Standard Course of Fireworks 8, Comparative Study of HTML Code Effect, Example Application of Website Technologies of HTML, CSS and Javascript, Innovative Practice of Colors and Format Design for WebPages, and Gold Match of Dreamweaver 8/Flash 8/PhotoshopCS2.

He is the lecturer of Webpage Design with Dreamweaver for the programme.