Tang Long, professor, graduated from Department of Automation, majoring in computer in Tsinghua University in 1963 and then taught there. He has been deputy director of CAD teaching research group in the Department of Computer Science and Technology in Tsinghua University, vice director of the Research Institute of Software Technology, member of Teaching Material Committee of Tsinghua University, member of Peripheral Equipment Sub-committee of National Computer and Information Processing Standardization Committee, member of Chinese Institute of Electronics. He is now re-employed professor in the Research Institute of Software Technology and part-time lecturer for the OUC.

Professor Tang has long been engaged in the teaching and research work on computer and its application. He has taught knowledge concerning the basic principle of computer, linear circuit, principle of computer and its application, C language programming, and object-oriented programming. He was supervisor of undergraduates and graduates in their graduation designs, and was rewarded with the first prize for excellent teaching result in Tsinghua University and award of excellent teacher in the Department of Computer.

He has participated in and taken charge of dozens of scientific research programmes, most of which are high-tech projects with relatively high-level findings (such as projects funded by National Science Foundation of China, project of State Science and Technology Commission and national key scientific and technological project).

He has also published tens of research papers in academic conferences or academic journals at home and abroad and compiled textbooks as Essence of C Language and Introduction to Computer Aided Design.