altYuan Wei, associate professor, is the course leader for Operating Systems (undergraduate) at the OUC.

Yuan Wei graduated from the College of Computer Science and Technology at Jilin University in 1992 and received her master's degree there in 1997. She is an associate professor at the OUC and has ten years' experience in teaching.

Yuan has long been engaged in teaching, scientific research and management work in computer science at the radio and TV university system in China . Her essays published include "Study on Distance Learners' Characteristics and Strategies" (Distance Education in China, 2005, 9); "Work and Practice After UK Visit" (published by the CCRTVU Press); "Design and Implementation of Teaching Under Web-based Study Environment" (Computer Education, 2006, 8); "The Application of Education Media in Process Evaluation for Technology and Science Students" (presented at the Annual Conference of Asian Association of Open Universities, 2006); "Mobile Learning during the Chinese Rural Informatization" (presented at the 2007 International Conference on ICT in Teaching and Learning); "Practice in Training Talents of Computer Application Technology through Open Education in CCRTVU — Course Design Platform for the Professional Adult Students" (presented at the Annual Conference of European Electronic Study Network Association, 2007).

Major teaching materials to which she contributed include Operating Systems and Operating System Experiments (published by the CCRTVU Press, 2000), which won the third prize of the CCRTVU's First Excellent Printed Teaching Materials Competition; Introduction to Operating Systems Self-Study Guide (published by Tsinghua University Press, 2002); Guidebook for Computer Operating Systems (published by the CCRTVU Press, 2003); Information System Testing (published by the CCRTVU Press, 2006); Introduction to Computer Applications (published by the CCRTVU Press, 2007); and Fundamentals of Information Technology (published by the CCRTVU Press, 2007).