Zhang Chaoying is a professor in the Electromechanical Engineering Department at NCUT

He is occupied in many fields of research and teaching, such as Numerical Control Techniques and Applications, Metrology Testing, and Fault Diagnosis. He is now working as a professional advisor for the OUC’s Numerical Control Specialty, as a lecturer for the Numerical Control Programming course, a textbook editor, and course host teacher.


Professor Zhang is the specialist on the national numerical control skills competition technical committee. He is also the senior consultant for the electromechanical branch of the Chemical Industry Press and a national vocational standard compilation specialist for Numerical Control Classes. He has taught a number of courses, such as Numerical Control Programming Techniques, Comprehensive Practical Training for Numerical Control Machining, Mechanical Engineering Detection Technology, and Numerical Control Machining Technology Distance Training Course: Numerical Control Lathes.     


As the project leader and key technical individual, Professor Zhang has hosted and participated in many scientific research projects, including Fault Diagnosis Research of High Speed Rod Flying Shears; 750,000 Tons High Speed Rod on Shearing Finished Products; New Types of Rotary Kiln with Synthetic Display Computer Operation Status ; Judgment of 4200/3500 Heavy Plate Mill Cut-up Unit Efficiency; The Application of Attached Load Cells; The Development of Static State Electric Rail Weighbridges; The Exploitation of Built-in Amplification Unit-typed Multi-dimensional Load Cells. Of these, two projects had been awarded second place in ministerial technological prizes, and two have been awarded third prize.


Professor Zhang has published more than ten academic papers, including “Dynamic Behavioral Research on Air-operated On-off (CV Type) High Speed Rod Flying Shears”; “Engineering Testing Research on Large-scale Aluminium Cell Indeterminate Loading Constraint Reactions and Pot Shell Deformation”; and “Fault Diagnosis Research of 1700 Hot Continuous Rolling Unit Working Roll Bearings”.


Professor Zhang compiled the Practical Numerical Control Series (first prize for ministerial outstanding technological reading), the Numerical Control Machine Tool Workers Training Textbook (gained an award for strong sales from the China Books and Periodicals Issue Association), three series of Numerical Control Process Technology, and other relevant textbooks. He is the chief editor of more than ten textbooks, such as Numerical Control Theory and Typical Numerical Control Systems, Digitally Controlled Lathes, Numerical Control Programming, and Numerical Control Technology Training Course (Numerical Control Lathes). Of these, Numerical Control Machine Tool Processing Techniques, Programming and Operation Practice Training is a planned textbook as part of the 11th Five-Year Plan, and received the title “Beijing Outstanding Textbook”.