Jiang Xinliang is a professor and doctoral supervisor at Tianjin University. He is editor-in-chief and teacher for the Tall Building Structure and Seismic Resistance courses. He majored in Civil Engineering and graduated from Tianjin University in 1975. He earned a master’s degree in Structural Engineering from Tianjin University. He earned a doctorate in Structural Engineering from Tianjin University.


He is now director of the Structural Engineering Department in the Architectural Engineering Institute. Additional posts he holds include committee member of the National Higher Education in Civil Engineering Specialty Steering Committee; member of the council of the China Civil Engineering Society; vice president of Tianjin Civil Engineering Society; vice president of Tianjin Seismological Society; and member of the Protective Engineering Branch of China Civil Engineering Society.

He is also an editorial board member of Journal of Earthquake Engineering and Engineering Vibration, Architectural Structures, Chinese Journal of Underground Space and Engineering, Earthquake Resistant Engineering and Retrofitting, and Journal of Architectural Education in Institutions of Higher Learning.


He has been teaching undergraduates and postgraduates for a long time. He has taught several courses, including Structural Mechanics, Elastic Mechanics, Introduction to Civil Engineering, High-rise Building Structure Design, Structural Random Vibration and Computational Analysis.   

He researches physical models, interaction calculation models, modal synthesis two-step analysis methods and construction, and foundation soil interaction system primary resonance bifurcation.

He has taken charge of dozens of programmes for NSFC and the Tianjin Natural Science Foundation Programme. He received one first prize, two second prizes, and six third prizes award for Tianjin scientific and technological advancement.