Guo Hong, professor, teaches civil engineering. He graduated from Harbin Engineering College with a Bachelor of Engineering in August 1985, and he got a master’s degree in engineering from Beijing University of Technology in October 2005.

He presided over the development of open education for four programmes: Civil Engineering, Construction and Management, Engineering Cost Management, and Road and Bridge Construction and Management. He was involved in the development of four programmes: Architecture, Industrial and Civil Construction, open education of Hydraulic and Hydro-Power Engineering, and Hydraulic and Hydro-Power Engineering and Management. He took charge in the development of Construction Technology and Fluid Dynamics and 10 other courses, and took part in six scientific research projects such as “the construction of network education for the digital learning resource centre”, of which three are at the national level and three are at the college level. He has completed “The Reform and Exploration of the CCRTVU Civil Engineering Course System” and other five academic papers.