Chief lecturer for the Website Graphic Design Basics course, Wang Guochang graduated from the painting department of Lu Xun Academy of Fine Arts in 1988, and graduated from the Department of Education of Liaoning Education College in 1991. He is associate professor of the Department of Arts in Dalian Education College; committee member of the Dalian City Artists Association; committee member of the Chinese Painting Research Institute in Dalian; part-time painter at Dalian Painting Centre; member of the Liaoning Branch of the Chinese Artists Association; and committee member of the China Excalibur Literature and Art Association.

His works have been shown at exhibitions at home and abroad, many have been published in Art Research and other professional newspapers and magazines, and still more have been collected by art galleries, museums, news agencies and private collectors. His personal exhibition in Dalian on October 10, 1987 won first prize among the selection of China Academy of Art. He was named a “Contemporary Chinese Painting Outstanding Talent” by the State Personnel Board, Talent Research Association, and Committee of Painting Professionals. His “Natural Heart Melodies” was published by Liaoning Province Fine Arts Press in February 2003.