Lin Chengchun is a member of the Committee of the Institute of Tianjin Computer Aided Education, the Committee of the Institute of Tianjin Basic Computer Education, and the Tianjin College Computer Teaching Steering Committee.

He is engaged in research on the CCRTVU’s modernization, and open and distance education and teaching.

He has made great contributions to computer programme construction, laboratory construction and the cultivation of professional employees of the RTVUs. He has been engaged in the research and development of computer application software for many years, and has developed the computer management system of Tianjin Radio and TV University, the national TV University tracked statistical analysis system, the computer idiom query system, the statistical system of township enterprises, and other applications.

Major works he has published include Efforts to Improve the Quality of Basic Computer Course Teaching, The Necessity of Applying Computers in RTVU Student Status Management, The Development of Comprehensive Statistical System, and A Discussion about the Norm of the Developing Course of Computer Software System. He was involved in the compilation of the RTVU unified teaching material: Basis and Application of Database and PASCAL Language Programme Design. He has been honoured as a Tianjin Advanced Teacher and Tianjin Medalist Winner.